Space Residency

by Pong


Develop A Bond

Excellent living space is the building block of relationships. Space Residency emphasizes comfort and sustainability, providing homes ideally accommodating everyone’s living needs and a chance to rediscover bonds of love and ties. Be surrounded by nature and immerse yourself in active and passive activities. From enjoying the sight of a colourful fish swimming pool beneficial to your health and skin, every moment with your loved ones here is meaningful and blissful.

Feast your eyes on the captivating view of Johor Bahru’s flourishing city centre and magnificent skyline as you satiate your sophisticated palate with a delectable menu at Space Residency’s Sky Lounge. Offering approximately 33,000 sqft of business space, this high-flying retail spot is set to become one of Johor Bahru’s new icons.

Safe & Secure

Equipped with a 4-tier security system including a floor-locked access card, Smart Community Apps, visitor entrance with owner alert, and QR code activated car park barrier, Space Residency offers its residents ultimate peace of mind. Auxiliary guard patrols and CCTV monitoring at every entrance and exit provide additional security measures.

Ease of Convenience

Ease of accessibility and centrality of Space Residency ensures shorter distances to and from work. Its surrounding mature neighbourhood is an instant attraction to both the locals and tourists. It is surrounded by complete amenities like Shopping Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, schools, Universities, Bus Terminals and Public Sector Amenities. A new community within the vibrant city.


Specialized in Seremban 2 properties